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What’s the typical living cost in Ireland for a student?

Depending on personal needs and the cities where you live, overall monthly expenses are estimated to range from €700 to €1,500 including rent, electricity, food, books, laundry, etc.

Every year, estimates are published which give a sense of how much it costs to live as a student for one academic year (nine months) in Ireland. The typical living cost for students range between €10,000 and €20,000 per year, depending on where you are in Ireland and the type of accommodation chosen. 

How much do students in Ireland pay for accommodation?

Rent can vary widely between different types of accommodation. On-campus accommodation differs between universities and range from €600 to more than €1,000 per month. For off-campus accommodation, the amount could be as little as €400 per month for a shared room or up to €850+ for a private room in a shared apartment.

How much do students in Ireland have to spend on transport?

Students usually get around Ireland through public transport and pay by using a leap card. Students have access to Student Leap Cards which reduce fares by 50%. Depending on the city, bus fares cost either €0.65 or €1 for Student Leap Cards.

How much do students in Ireland pay for phone services?

Students usually buy sim cards and internet packages with Vodafone, 3, Eire, or GoMo. Mobile credit ranges from €20-40 per month. Internet packages range from €15-30 per month, all with unlimited data in Ireland.

How much do students in Ireland pay for food?

Average monthly food costs will be around €100-300 a month, depending on personal choices and the stores you buy from. Cheaper food can be bought at Aldi, Lidl, etc. However, for dining in restaurants, students spend around €10-25 depending on the meal and restaurant.

We would recommend download the following guide:

“A Quick Guide For New Students in Ireland”

How can I get accommodation in Ireland?

Many universities offer accommodation, often prioritising international students. Visit the particular university’s website and apply for on-campus residences as soon as possible. There is also a number of websites that you can access to find apartments, house shares and a room in a family home:





Are there any tips and tricks to get accommodation in Ireland?

If you are looking for on-campus student accommodation in Ireland, you should apply for it as soon as you get an admit to the particular university due to high demand. You should always first ask your school or college for help finding accommodation. It is always better if you arrive well in advance of the start of your course. Allow as much time as possible to organise accommodation.

Beware Scams! It is important to be aware that every year there are reports of scams on students seeking accommodation. You can always contact us to scan an accommodation place in Ireland to confirm that it is safe.

We would recommend to download the following guide

“A Quick Guide For New Students in Ireland”

How do I apply for a student visa to study in Ireland?

Fill the online form from the following: visas.inis.gov.ie/avats/OnlineHome.aspx Make sure you keep your VISA application number with you. There are more Student VISA requirements which can be read from our guidebook.

We would recommend to download the following guide

“A Quick Guide For New Students in Ireland”

How can I get a scholarship to study in Ireland?

There are many scholarships that are available to study in Ireland. Some universities offer direct undergraduate, masters, and doctoral scholarships, but these are usually only partial. There are also Masters and Doctoral scholarships available for Indonesian students.

Please visit our Scholarship page to find out more.

How do I join PPI Irlandia?

Every Indonesian studying in Ireland is part of the extended PPI Irlandia. Contact us at ppi.irlandia@gmail.com to contact other students and be included in the group chats.

Is it possible to get a current student’s contact currently studying in the university/city I’m looking for?

Yes, please contact us at ppi.irlandia@gmail.com for any help.

Will there be a student that can offer a tour guide to help our visit to Ireland?

Yes, please contact us at ppi.irlandia@gmail.com for any help.